Affiche de l'Opéra Jehanne

Jehanne – Opéra de Château

September    5 / 10-11-12 / 18-19 


The vocal and instrumental ensemble Lumen Canor takes over the courtyard of the castle to perform Jehanne, Opéra de Château.


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At 17, she hears voices. At 18, she liberates the city of Orléans. At 19, she is burned alive.

“I had to understand better, to see more. I wanted to know her, this twin of life and death, I wanted to hear her through time.”


Jehanne – Opéra de Château is a performance in which lyrical voices plunge Jeanne, a 23-year-old student, into the heart of the virgin. Through a refined and spectacular staging, the audience is taken along with the heroine on an adventure of courage and determination that shatters the image of the poor and foolish woman.


Book: Luis Guevara and Manon Lelièvre

Composition: Jimena Marazzi

Created in collaboration with the University of Lausanne and the Grandson Castle.

Le château de Grandson est en restauration jusqu'en 2026