History of the Castle

At the heart of European history


Overlooking the Lake of Neuchâtel, this imposing 13th-14th century Gothic fortress, the seat of the noble Waldensian Grandson family, was at the heart of European history during the Burgundy Wars (1474-1477) between Charles the Bold and the Confederates, and the echoes of the Battle of Grandson (1476) still resound in the collective memory of Switzerland.

One of the few


With its 40-metre-high façade, huge ramparts and a parapet walk with a circumference of more than 150 metres, Grandson Castle is one of the largest in Switzerland. An ambitious vision of Otto I, lord of Grandson, the fortress is a splendid example of 13th century castle architecture.

A millennium of history


With a first mention around 1050, the castle of Grandson has gone through almost a millennium of history, under a dozen different owners. From the de Grandson family to the Burgundian house of Chalon, from the three centuries of Bernese-Freiburg bailiwick to the de Blonay family, from the era of the Filipinetti automobile stables to the collections of the Stiftung für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte.

Thirteen years of restoration


With the support of the municipal, cantonal and federal authorities and other institutional stakeholders, this monument of national importance has been undergoing a complete restoration since 2012 and for a period of thirteen years. The aim of this intervention is to safeguard, better understand and highlight this exceptional architectural heritage.

Our partners

And the following partners who have guaranteed us their financial support for the museum renewal project:

• Les intérieurs du Château de Grandson sont en rénovation jusqu’en 2026.