Fondation du Château de Grandson

The Foundation


Created in 1982 with the aim of buying the castle of Grandson, the Fondation du Château de Grandson has been involved since 1983 in the management and promotion of the monument and its opening to the public.



  • Safeguarding, documenting and promoting the Castle of Grandson
  • Contribute to knowledge and understanding, develop the educational role and make the historical and cultural content carried by the Castle and the collection accessible to all.
  • Acquire, preserve and develop the collection

Foundation Board



Dominique Freymond (president) – Marco Feidt – Charlotte Gutscher – Béatrice Lovis – François Payot – Daniel de Raemy – Serge Reymond – Bettina Stefanini – Antonio Vialatte


The team



Lilian Feger



Camille Verdier


Administrative manager

Catherine Staffieri


Events assistant

Lola Bertin


Manager of the Café-Bar Le Châtelet

Maria Riccio


Maintenance and security manager

Giuseppe Provenzano


Communition Manager

Diego Mediano


Reception team

Aurélie Fortes Garcia, Martine Schenker, Franziska Delhaye


Team of the Café-Bar Le Châtelet

Sandra Alderisio, Delphine Dyens, Nora Mean, Fanny Reichenbach, Admira Tursunovic, Léa Segessmann, Emma Deriaz



Fernanda Domingues


Team of the cultural outreach

Cécile Aguillaume, Maude Benoit, Sandrine Cottens, Julie Jacquier, Ana Patricia Berclaz, Jean-Jacques Gudel, Robert Kaech, Véronique Meusy, Annette Notter, Brigitte Steigmüller, Annick Voirol, Elisabeth Zezzo, Nathalie Kiepe

Project Château de Grandson 2025


Started in 2012, the renovation works are now being associated with a museum renewal. The whole project should be completed by 2025.